Price Action Trade Advisor for MT4 | Forex Price Action Indicator for MT4

Price Action Trade Advisor is a "Forex Price Action Indicator for MT4 (meta trader 4)" that follows Forex price action trading strategies. Price Action Trade Advisor has alert function to alert as soon as the trade opportunity is formed and plots Entry, Stop Loss, and 3 Possible Take Profit areas. Basic idea behind this indicator is help the traders identify best trading opportunities specially for those traders who believe that price action is best trading strategy. Price Action Trade Advisor follows simple price action Forex trading strategies developed after reviewing historical data. Price Action Trade Advisor is found successful in more than 90% of signals.

How Forex Price Action Indicator Works

Price Action Trade Advisor (Forex Price Action Indicator ) is best price action indicator that identify entry point and play sound & alert to notify the trader. On the chart you will see different color lines. By default Entry color is in green horizontal line, Stop Loss is Red line and Take Profit is shown in orange color lines. This Price Action indicator shows three profit points. Technically this is advisable to you that Always set Take Profit to 3rd Take Profit line. When price is reached at 1st Take Profit price, move you Stop Loss to break even (Order Entry Price). When price touches 2nd Take Profit, then move your Stop Loss to 1st Take Profit price shown by the Price Action indicator. When price touches 3rd Take Profit, then move your Stop Loss to 2nd Take Profit price shown by the Price Action indicator. When deciding to trade with this Forex Price Action Indicator Always take your judgment as first and then decide to enter or miss the trade. This is important that you should trade strong currency against week currency. Best trading opportunity comes, when strong currency is temporarily week due to Market Sentiment and making price correction. If entry is shown at the correction, this is best are to enter.

Input Parameters of Forex Price Action Indicator

Most of the input parameters of Price Action Trade Advisor are preset specially logical calculations and no input is required at the user end. However some user defined inputs can be managed by the users.

  • ExpertName :  "Price Action Trade Advisor"
  • Offset :  number of points (pips) to add (or minus) from High or Low of the PinBar to mention an entry price and a stop loss.

  • Sound_Alert : Sound alert can be set to true or false. Sound alert is only played for five seconds after the signal is formed. 

  • Email_Alert : Email alert can be set to true or false. By default this is set to false. (Click here to see how to set up email alert in mt4 terminal). 

  • Entry_Color : Users can change the Entry Color. Default is Green; 

  • SL_Color : Users can change the Stop Loss color. Default is  Red; 

  • TP_Color  : Users can change the TP Color. Default is Orange; 

  • WipeOldSignal : Default setting "False". If you set it to true, indicator will delete old signals from the chart when ever new signal is formed. This is helpful when you have running trade based on this indicator function. ( You can remove the signal setting by Right Click >> Indicator List >> Price Action Trade Advisor >> Set the WipeOldSignal to TRUE).

Please always use the indicator on H1, H4, M30 TimeFrames.

Price Action Trade Advisor (Forex Price Action Indicator for MT4).

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